birthday card...

Typography (etc)

Sorry I haven't uploaded for a while!
Thought I'd just post a few things I've been doing the past month or so..


 I've just finished a typography/illustration project. I've been drawing dogs and foxes, making 3-D versions of Japanese characters, painted to look like kokeshi dolls... you know,  the usual!

 (first post of december! I should be getting more festive...!)

Kokeshi Type

I've been doing a typography project at college...
just playing around on photoshop.
(and I like kokeshi dolls!)

Birthday Box

Cats seem to love boxes...
for my mum's birthday...

IF - Stripes

IF - Stripes
(pencil + watercolour)

IF - Scary II

Second Illustration Friday~
not scary :)

IF - Scary

Happy Halloween 2011 -
For Illustration Friday, SCARY!
(I never understand cat costumes for halloween... not at all scary!)
Enjoy my cute-scary-cat-costumes.
 I like pirate cats. :)

IF - Fuel

Another Illustration Friday entry - "Fuel"
At last, it's starting to get cold again. I love Autumn... Scarves and Hot chocolate! 


Cats at Pulteney Bridge

So, I like to draw on top of photographs...
for Illustration Friday - "mesmerizing"

Art Foundation - Summer project!

Sorry for not posting for a while!
I started my 'Art Foundation Course' at the begining of September - it's been really busy...
We were given a summer project to complete over the holiday. 
Everyone was given an object to research, I got "Bra".
So though I'd just upload a few of the outcomes...
(apologies for poor quality scans, most were A2 and hard to stick together!) 
Ink and Acrylic... Yummy colours...
And finally, I made an alphabet out of a bra...
Hope this post hasn't taken too long to load! 
Thank you for visiting!

IF- Perennial

{Two images! Scroll down!}
Oh dear- I haven't done illustration friday in such a long time!


I like Basset Hounds

aardvarks, anteaters and an albatross

more doodles from my moleskine...
drawing lots of different animals
(need to broaden out from cats!)

for inspiration, I'm drawing animals alphabetically...
starting with... aardvarks, anteaters and an albatross
ink and photoshop colour...

onto B- using Biro (which I'm starting to love...)

Border collies, Basset Hounds, Bob-Cats and Badgers...
As always- click images for full view! :D


I've been doodling in my new watercolour moleskine...
Thought I'd upload a few sketches!
Mostly ink with watercolour...!

Just finished re-reading the LOTR series - I started with The Hobbit
(really looking forward to the film next year!)
I love hobbits~
and a few more cats...
Thanks for visiting!
I'll try and post lots this summer!
(whilst anxiously awaiting A-Level results in August! eee)


This drawing is a kind of tribute to our cat, Toffee, who passed away in June.
There's very much a sense of something missing around the house - especially when I sit by the window, where he often used to join me...

goodbye, toff

Nebulae. 2.

This is the final painting for my art exam. Canvas was 60 x 70 cm, oil paints again!
Featuring myself and the Nebula "NGC 602" (no cats this time!!)

Nebulae. 1.

I've been painting a lot recently - I had my final a level art exam yesterday.
Just thought I'd post some of the prep stuff I've been doing. All oil paints- s o o fun!
The theme was 'exploration and discovery' - I was looking at space!
"The Phoenix Nebula"
Might look more like clouds, but I love this one... so pretty!
(photo reference from the NASA website)

"The Eagle Nebula"
(sorry for poor photo quality! taken on my phone!!)

IF: Toy

I haven't entered illustration friday for ages! Sorry!
This was a break from revision - "Toys"

Five Little Kittens

Sorry I haven't updated in a while!
I've been busy with school work, upcoming exams and all that... (yay!)
I've recently finished an art project for school, where I illustrated a short book,
"Five Little Kittens".
I've uploaded the 5 spreads, I hope the colours look okay on your screen! Enjoy!

Please click on the images for full view!
Oh, and here are some shots of the 'dummy book':